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What sets Florida Equity & Growth above the rest?

As a limited liability company that has been organized under the laws of the State of Florida to assist people trying to obtain an EB5 Green Card, the Florida Equity & Growth Fund Regional Center LLC, has been designated by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service as a regional center assisting in EB5 Green Card applications.

It has been established under the immigration investor pilot program for obtaining an EB5 Green Card and has been designed to assist people that want to immigrate into the United States via an EB5 Green Card and to would like to earn permanent residents rights established under the EB5 Green Card visa program.

The United States Department of Homeland Security and specifically the US Citizenship and Immigration Services on January 9, 2009 designated the Florida Equity & Growth Fund Regional Center LLC, as a new regional center for the EB5 Green Card visa program established under the immigrant investor pilot program for individuals wishing to earn a permanent residence to invest EB5 Green Card visa investor funds. 

The scope of the Florida Equity & Growth Fund Regional Center LLC, area for the EB5 Green Card program is comprised of 23 counties which makes up the region of the state of Florida that is commonly referred to as the Florida High Tech Corridor and it is also made up of 16 business categories that qualify under the EB5 Green Card requirements for employment. 

The Florida High Tech EB5 Green Card corridor consists of North Central Florida, East Coast, Orlando area, Gulf Coast area, Tampa Bay area, and south-central Florida. Our regional centers economic clusters (also known as business categories) in which our EB5 Green Card regional center is permitted to invest, includes travel or accommodations, real estate, retail trade, manufacturing, food service and drinking places, museums and historic sites and similar institutions, performing arts, professional scientific and technical services, outpatient care centers, ambulatory health care services, offices for dentists, nursing and residential care facilities, and child day care services. 

All of the areas that our economic regional center is allowed to invest in fit well within the EB5 Green Card investments that a potential foreign investor can invest in which would be new businesses, expanding businesses, or troubled businesses. 

The purpose of our regional center is to maximize the economic impact of capital being invested in Florida via the EB5 Green Card program. We are doing this by providing opportunities for immigrants that are wanting to come to the United States via the EB5 Green Card program as well as citizens of the United States themselves, by investing in various commercial enterprises that will increase the economic activity in this region through various means including increased exports job creation, improved regional productivity, and / or increased domestic capital investment.

The EB5 Green Card visa investment program allows immigrants wishing to come the United States, including their immediate family to apply for permanent residence rights and an EB5 Green Card if they invest at least USD $1.0 million in a commercial enterprise or $500,000 in what's known as a Targeted Employment Area (TEA) and that creates 10 full-time jobs. 

There are 10,000 EB5 Green Card visas set aside annually for this EB5 Green Card visa program The way our EB5 Green Card program works is through allowing EB5 Green Card visa investors to create new jobs and comply with the job creation requirements partially with interact and induced jobs.

Our regional center uses a unique method of creating EB5 Green Card investment variety almost like a mutual fund concept would be for stocks and bonds. Thus via our unique EB5 Green Card investment program, you may invest in a fund that will actually own a variety of businesses, and it's important to realize that the list of these EB5 Green Card investments is always being updated and revised. The EB5 Green Card investor program does require the investor to be "actively involved" in the EB5 Green Card business in which they invest.

The exciting aspect of our program is that the EB5 Green Card immigrant/investor can actually satisfy this requirement by being a shareholder or a limited partner and being involved in helping to set policy in the investment projects ownership equity. Our EB5 Green Card regional centers investment philosophy and goals involve investing to create jobs and also preserve job opportunities through helping existing companies expand, helping startup companies get established, and helping troubled companies that's defined by the EB5 Green Card visa program which are essentially fundamentally sound and possess valuable assets. 

Our EB5 Green Card regional centers investment opportunities are created with such diversity that it allows the investor to diversify their funds into at least two or more investments.

As we said earlier, the investment requirement for the EB5 Green Card visa program is for at least $1.0 million unless the project is within the Targeted Employment Area at which point a $500,000 investment is acceptable. In the state of Florida under the guidelines of the Florida Agency For Workforce Innovation, the state has designated the following counties within our EB5 Green Card regional center as acceptable investment areas.

These counties were established as of March 2008 and they are: Putnam, Levy, Sumter, Citrus, Hardy, Highlands, Flagler, and DeSoto. It's important to realize that there are also some other methodologies available to determine what projects fall within an EB5 Green Card approved Targeted Employment Area. American investors that do not require an EB5 Green Card who wish to be involved in any of the investments can invest any amount over $100,000 depending on the amount required by the investment chosen by the American investor. 

If you are an agent or broker who represents any one or more potential EB5 Green Card investors, we encourage you to please contact us either by phoning the number below or using the simple e-mail form shown below to indicate your interest and needs for these potential EB5 Green Card investors. If you are e-mailing, please type "Agent with Potential EB5 Green Card Investors" as the subject in your e-mail so that we know you are an agent and we can have the proper personnel call you. 

If you are a potential EB5 Green Card investor looking to participate in the EB5 Green Card program please either call us at the number given below or fill out the e-mail form shown below and in the subject line of the e-mail form please type in the subject line "Interested in EB5 Green Card Investment" so that we can have the appropriate person called you. 


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